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Reader submitted lucid dreams keep the LDE fresh, interesting and personally exciting!  
Plus you get to share your experience with other lucid dreamers from around the world.

Whether it's your very first lucid dream or number 600, your lucid dream can encourage someone to explore and experiment with greater enthusiasm and confidence!  So please take a moment and submit a lucid dream.Below you can check out the wide variety of reader submitted lucid dreams (some of which are simply mind-blowing!).

If you had an amazing lucid dream and you want to share it- please fill out the form.

Submit your Lucid Dreams!

Your lucid dreams can educate and inform others about the joy, potential and practice of lucid dreams. Plus, you get to see your lucid dream printed in a lucid dream magazine!


Submit your Lucid Dreams

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Please note that we do NOT do dream interpretation.

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