Dream Tasks

Lana Sackwild

I was on a train watching a group of girls dancing and they told me their group name was something “tigers.” I found their social media and saw they were performing at a bar nearby. I arrived at the bar and there were lots of people from my high school years including my ex Tom and old classmate Ali. We were having some drinks and it turned out the “tiger girls” had brought some ecstasy pills to the bar. Tom asked if we could have some and took one. He then wanted Ali to take one, so he pretended to show Ali something on his phone and dropped it into his drink. I took one and then drank a little bit of Ali's drink. The pill dissolving was turning the drink purple and you could see the pill fizzing in it. I started feeling the effects of the ecstasy immediately. I had a realization that I wished I was able to dance, let go, and feel that ecstasy-confidence with music more often. Along with this thought, I realized I had no idea where I really was or what I was doing and thought I must be dreaming.

I decided to do the finger reality check and my finger came straight off from my hand. I was now lucid. I got up and walked over to another small bar around the corner. The bar man was there washing some glasses and came over to greet me. He asked me what I would like to drink. (In my waking life I had just lost my voice right before I am about to begin conducting interviews for my MSc research and so I had set my lucid intention as receiving healing). I told the bar man this and asked if he had anything for it. He said he had just the thing and started rummaging around. I noticed this area of the bar was dim and in order to remain lucid, asked if we could move to the other end of the bar where there was a bright light on. We did and he placed a large bottle on the bar with the words PAVGOMA written on it. He asked if I had had it before and I told him I hadn't. The drink included many of the ingredients that I use to make an omelette: spinach, tomatoes, egg, onions, and lots of other veg. I almost asked him to make me an omelette with it but thought I didn't really need one right now and wanted to get on with my dream tasks. I thanked him for the drink and told him I need to continue with my lucid dream tasks as this is just a small section of my dream task list. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “Ahhh” - like he was proud I had worked out I was dreaming and that he also knew we were in one. Although he seemed somewhat disappointed at the same time, I didn't want to stay and chat. 

I walked out of the bar and into an area that turned into my nana's old house. Sox (my mother's cat) was there and I was pleased as I hoped I could see him whilst doing a task where I needed to visit my mum. I sat and stroked him and called his name in song-form which he often enjoys. He was purring a lot and lay down with me and we had a big cuddle. I didn't want to lose lucidity and thought Sox could also be at my mum’s house so I went downstairs and decided to try and use a mirror portal to travel.

I looked into the mirror and there was no reflection of myself. I ran at the mirror and as the top half of my body fell into it, I was caught in some kind of elastic jelly that made the kind of twanging noise of electric guitar strings. I was pushed back out. I tried again and again with no luck. Then I tried with just my arm and waved it about inside the mirror. It was relaxed and felt light and airy. I envisioned my mum’s house with the mirror in her bedroom that I wanted to travel out of and grabbed a chair from nearby so I could stand on it and just drop into the mirror with my whole body letting go all at the same time rather than just the top half of my body falling in like before.

As I stood on the chair and began to fall forwards into the mirror, Brian (my other half) kissed me on the cheek in the waking world and told me he was leaving for work. I woke up.

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