Exploring the Fabric of Dream Matter

Eric Federici

Often when I become lucid in a dream, I find myself being trapped in a closed environment, e.g. a small bedroom with the door and shutters fully closed or a very narrow, long corridor with brick walls on either side, which seems to have no ending.

In this kind of situation, some lucid dreamers are able to get through these walls, as a ghost would do and find themselves in a completely different dream scene once on the other side.

However, in my case, when I come close to these walls and touch them, they are very hard as if they were made of real bricks. I cannot pass through them, no matter how hard I try to persuade myself that they are only “dream walls” and that it should be possible to go through them if I wanted to.

If the room has a door, I must first open it, but it is sometimes impossible as the door is often locked and I haven’t the key. The situation is a little bit better when there is a window. In this case, I have to open it and then also the closed shutters, so that I can finally fly towards the “outside world” ... at least if there are no bars preventing me for going further!

When I find myself in this situation, I now try to explore more thoroughly this closed environment. Bricks forming the walls seem indeed very hard at first touch. But if I lay my hand on them and gently push it, my hand penetrates this "dense" material and I can pull out big chunks of it, as I would do with a large cake. By doing this, I can clearly see that the walls are indeed very thick. This is a very striking experience as if I was able to explore the fabric of “dream matter”.

It confirms that in some dreams, the environment can be imposed on the dreamer with very few possibilities for him to change it. This is a powerful reminder of the fact that the "sailor does not control the sea"!

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