A Hollywood Party In The Afterlife

Cheryl Miranda

I am flying over the rooftops of houses. It is dusk and the sky has a beautiful glow to it. I realize I am dreaming and shoot up higher into the sky. Those first moments of recognition that I am more than a physical body are exhilarating beyond imagination. I experience a sense of freedom never felt in my physical life.

I remind myself if I am lucid then I am out of body and with this recognition I am spontaneously thrown into a somersault in midair. I have used this technique for years. I've never been sure who or what causes the somersault. Just like doing a somersault in a swimming pool, I feel discombobulated, my mind scrambled momentarily until the somersault motion stops.

Upon completion of the somersault, I am formless awareness. I am a point of consciousness like a fly on the wall in the living room of a large, luxurious home. There are crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and large gold framed paintings hung on the walls above elegant red velvet couches. It feels like the nineteen sixties. No one appears to know I am here.

A vision of movie posters with pictures of actors and scenes from movies on them appear in my mind’s eye. Although I can’t see them, guides are helping me to understand where I am. I am at a Hollywood Party. The party guests are all actors that never had their big break. They are dressed in formal attire. They have cocktails in their hands and are talking and laughing as they move around the room schmoozing and socializing with one another. I realize all these actors are dead and this is a Hollywood Belief System plane, a continuous never-ending Hollywood party!

It is immediately "uploaded" to me that the Hollywood belief system is only one example of the thousands of belief system territories available after we leave the physical body and world. The inhabitants on the Hollywood belief system plane are so strongly identified with who they were as actors and the lifestyle they lived during their physical lives that when they died they continue to live the same life in a nonphysical realm; not yet ready to move on; still waiting for their big break. The ego not ready to let go, not even willing to recognize they are dead.

Like the rest of the nonphysical planes, the Hollywood belief system can not actually be located in space or time. It is not a physical place, therefore, lacks any physical location. It is a state of consciousness. There are hundreds of different belief systems or realities created by shared desires and beliefs held while living a physical life. Many of which are religious belief system territories. The ego/mind survives physical death as our spiritual journey continues unfolding.

I wake up reflecting on the couple of times I was visited by my grandfather after he had passed, and I remember him wearing his full military uniform. I imagine with his strong identity as a World War II officer he is living in a consensus reality with fellow soldiers.

As all the "uploaded" information settles in, I chuckle to myself a little recognizing that guides can be witty. They chose the Hollywood Belief System with its actors because of the double meaning that we too are actors in our world here. Consensus worlds are mind created worlds not a lot different than our own world. Our thoughts and beliefs create our world "here" and "there". We are merely actors.

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