Transcendent Guitar


In past issues of Lucid Dreaming Experience, several musicians have described intriguing lucid dreams about playing music. In my case, I have no musical skills. Nevertheless, I dreamed I picked up a guitar, plucking away initially but quickly getting better and better. I was a natural, pretty soon playing transcendent chords and riffs that would make Jimmy Hendrix envious, people gathering around in appreciation. I was in a blissful, altered state of consciousness because the music I was generating seemed to channel the divine, bringing in higher level harmonics words cannot describe.

As the music unfolded, lyrics emerged. One of them mentioned lucid dreaming, making me think of some of the Moody Blues songs (e.g., “On the Threshold of a Dream”) and, in turn, triggering lucidity. Unfortunately, all the energy flowing through me soon woke me up.

I’ve now had numerous lucid dreams in which the music I heard was transcendent, even with vastly different music styles, including rock and roll, country, and the big band sound. I now better understand how musicians and other artists can get inspiration through higher levels of consciousness.

To me, what was extraordinary about the dream is that my consciousness molded this flow of heavenly energy. By so doing, I became, as stated in various spiritual traditions, a co-worker with the divine, a phrase that only had theoretical meaning until now.

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