The School of Dreaming

Ileana Lartigue

I'm at a dream conference. D, my dream teacher from wakefulness, is somewhere around. I can feel this. I know others from my class are there too. I somehow lose my way in the building and try to find my way back… but I can't. The building keeps shifting, constantly folding on itself and then unfolding, creating an endlessly moving labyrinth where "back" is no longer back. 

I decide to leave this space upwards, as I can't find my way to my fold. I do this by levitating and perforating the brick domelike ceiling with my outstretched arm as I hover, holding my position and simultaneously gathering enough energy to break through the dream matter. I traverse and enter a narrow tunnel. I move down it, breaking through the soft humid earth as I go. The soil is dark and rich and extremely fertile. I tumble forward.

I'm now at the entrance of an underground bookshop. The young man in charge of the place greets me. He says that this is The School of Dreaming and that he's going to show me around. He explains that I've "graduated" and that I'm going to be doing a new kind of dreamwork from now on. This space has been especially conceived for that purpose. Everything there, all the "props" (that's the word he uses to describe the surroundings), including himself and all dream characters, are there for my learning. It's a personalized dream area of sorts.

A girl comes toward me and gives me a bag full of books. I ask her her name. She says her name and photo are on the pamphlet that I'll find in the bag. She pulls it out momentarily and shows me her picture. She tells me I can read the pamphlet later when I wake up. I think it curious that she's not aware I won't be able to do that as I cannot take dream objects with me into waking life. I try to quickly figure out if there's a way for me to actually do this. I remember Seth saying somewhere in the Seth material that it's theoretically possible to bring an object back with you when you astral project... Maybe I can somehow adapt that to this situation. But the dream moves on.

I'm asked to perform a series of tasks; technical stuff like changing the solidity of dream matter, bringing certain objects forth and so on. Nothing really new. Except for one exercise where I'm asked to "change the dream narrative" by bending the story line before it unfolds so that when the action takes place it's in compliance with what I've previously determined. An envelope that contains a letter and a wad of cash falls on the floor. I'm instructed to produce a storyline that leads to the money being mine. I focus on this and give the inner command. I hand the envelope to a woman and ask her if she knows whose it is. She passes it on to a second woman who says the letter belongs to Lydia. For a moment I think I've failed my mission. But then the second woman hands it back to me saying that, thought the letter is Lydia's, she's giving the money to me as I've worked hard during this dream. I take it in my hands and see that some of the bills have disappeared. I know it's because the command I gave for bending the narrative of the dream was slightly off. I succeeded but just barely. 

I'd never interacted with the dream by predetermining the unfoldment of dream action in that particular way. It was like pre-scripting. I know the dream is giving me something to further explore.

Throughout the dream I had the distinct feeling that what I was being taught was not what I was being asked to do but the state I was going into in order to do it. It was like a call to concentrate on the following:

An absolute knowing I'm connected to the dreamscape by invisible energetic fibers that extend outwards and permeate the dreamscape.

A crystal clear objective in my mind.

A concentrated focus, when I will the dream to shift, that holds no doubt. 

This is what I usually do when I'm lucid. Only now I'm being asked to distill the process and become more aware of it to strengthen my connection with the dream. I also know I'm supposed to apply this in waking life so that the two states become a continuum as they gradually fuse into one. 

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