Parade, Door

Dean Clayton Edwards

In a large barn. From the doorway, I see that my entire community, about 60 people, has gathered in uniform in the courtyard. Teachers. Students. Children. Some of the kids in the back row nearly get taken out when a pair of barn doors burst open. "Move! Watch out!" I hiss, because I'm in the barn and I don't want to be seen in my casual clothes. The parade is being televised. "Move forward!"

The swinging door is singing. It has hands, which clench and sway to emphasise the words. 

It uses a hand signal to tell her to stay back and then it pops itself off its hinges and approaches me.

I live and work in a barn. Ok. 

I might be about to get kicked out of the military. Ok. 

During a televised parade? Fine. 

There's a talking door. ... Ok, just be careful.

And it can walk too ... 

"I'm dreaming," I say.

"Of course," says the door, closing in on me.

While it had been friendly with the children, I see that its face is increasingly threatening. I conjure myself some power nunchucks and spin them around to intimidate the door. They leave red and green lights in the air, but the door only laughs. I fire a couple of light bolts at it using my free hand. They hit the door, but bounce, like drops of water splashing against tarmac. In a similar way, the door partly absorbs the light bolts with no apparent ill-effects. 

Though his face looks increasingly human - I imagine it to be the face of a blacksmith in a fantasy series - he still looks as if he means to do me harm and enjoy it too. I don't want to destroy him, because I know I could do that. And I don't want to wake up or teleport. I only want to keep him back long enough to get my bearings. I create a circle of protection around me. A friend mentioned them. It makes a cool sound, but I can tell it's crap. I spin the nunchucks. I step back into the barn as he approaches and the dream shifts into another.

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