Lucid Dreams are Music to My Ears

Gustavo Vieira

I'm a musician. I play keyboards and drums. I was part of some bands, played live and recorded a few albums, but now I do it solo. I like to compose music, mainly on my keyboard, mainly ambient, New Age and lullaby music.

In some lucid dreams, I'm singing some notes I would like to do on my synth, whatever comes to my mind, trying to compose new music and, most of the time, I hear a full orchestra backing me up. It's like I'm already recording with a professional orchestra. The sound is amazing.

I'm not a singer, but I like to sing, sometimes (or try to). As I live in an apartment, I never can sing loud. So, in some lucid dreams, I do my singing and it's amazing. I'm always in tune.

Then I thought: "Yeah, right. In real life I could never reach that note. I'm always in tune, because I'm dreaming." But one day, in a dream, I tried to reach a very high note and, even in the dream, I couldn't. And, curiously, I felt my throat getting tired because of the effort.

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