Life is a lab - Eating from the Tree of Knowledge was a Dangerous Thing


- went to bed with the intention to have a lucid dream or obe
- toward the morning, quick induction
- in front of a door on which is written "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE", opened the door, 1 2 3 entered

- at first couldn't see anything, darkish
- watched my feet, barefoot, covered with an animal fur, I am a primitive man, bearded, overgrown and a little messy, light color skin
- walking through a primitive village, with primitive shelters, small, made of stone, wood, mud, openings for door and window
- other primitive people walking around
- feeling peaceful, no fear, no special thoughts, just living and doing whatever needed to do at the moment
- entered into my shelter, there there was my wife / woman and a couple of small children playing on the ground
- brought home a bunch of tree branches for the fire
- woman was cooking / boiling something
- ate, had sex, went to sleep

- asked my subconscious to estimate when was this: ~9,800 BC
- where was this: Europe, France
- my name: Ahn

- attitude of no expectations, to not influence the experience
- Ahn remained conscious, and projected into what I immediately thought to be the realm where he came from, where he'll return, and where part of him is always there.
- I realized that every time Ahn was going to sleep he projected on that realm, was waking up there, was becoming conscious there
- it seemed that there was no other dreaming involved, not the way we dream now
- just a life awake on Earth, then when sleeping being awake in the other realm
- there were other people around, that seemed familiar

- I asked to meet my council keeping an attitude of no expectations (I forced it here a little, aware that it might affect my experience, but I wanted to see what happens; until today I didn't meet / interacted with anybody, except a couple of times when I asked for my father, and he appeared)
- a council of 7 people, androgynous, didn't see them well, because it was misty

- asked then what's happening: life on Earth is a lab for the school we attend in the other realm
- we are based in the other realm, and project on Earth, that is a lab where we practice things we study in school
- what do we have to do on Earth: to develop, firstly instincts, then emotions, then intellect, and intuition (what I was already believing we do)
- we are essences of consciousness, born / created with no such abilities, and have to develop them; that's why we attend school, and project on Earth to practice what we learned, like having a lab
- this was the original way things were supposed to work, divide our time between being conscious awake on Earth, and projecting conscious back on the base realm while sleeping
- in time, humans changed, started to develop intelligence, and this being still rudimentary distorted the meaning of what's happening, changed their focus more toward the everyday challenges of the life on Earth; so they mostly lost the capability to consciously project back to the base realm, every time they sleep

- note: as they say ... a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; maybe this is the origin of the Adam & Eve story about eating from the tree of knowledge and consequently falling of Heaven ...?

- realization that this is what we are supposed to do at night: consciously project back to the realm we're actually based on
- while awake on Earth should concentrate on the development of our intellect and intuition, and learn to control our emotions and instincts, especially fear and its derivatives, like anger, etc..

- this was a remarkable experience; I felt that while having it, and when I woke up too.

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