Theme/Sankalpa: “Self-Love”

Carina Odd

I am on a train as I realize that I am lucid. My grandmother is sitting next to me, she is young, around 50 years old and has red hair like me. I am asking her, “Is it you grandma?” “Yes.” “We are in a dream, right? I am lucid.” “Yes.”

I hear a voice in my head, “I am love.” My sisters come running towards my grandmother, they are children around 8-10 years old in the dream. I am watching as in a movie. It is just so amazing.

As I know I am dreaming I am jumping out of the train and getting into a car that is driving really fast downhill. I am sitting next to the driver’s seat. A. D. is in the backseat of the car. I tell him that “I love him and that he inspires me-I will write you on Instagram tomorrow, ok”?

It is exciting to be lucid knowing I can do whatever I want, I am aware of my body and everything in my dream. I get out of the car  and I meet a rabbit. He bits me on my hand between my thumb and index finger-it hurts and I get scared-then, realizing it is a dream, I let him bite me.

I surrender and suddenly my body fills with a white light. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I realize that the rabbit is healing me, he wants me to be happy-self-love. My body is trembling in the white light for a couple of seconds.

Next, I wonder where my son is. I find him under a bridge full of rose quartz crystals, oh my god this self-love lucid dream is amazing, it iss an absolute beautiful view. I hug my son Alvin and we brought some crystals. Again, this voice, “I am love”. 

I can see a train coming out of the mountain, and I jump right into it. When I arrive in the train there is a Chinese man pointing a gun at me. At first, I got scared but then I told him, “This is a dream,” and that made him put the gun down. Next to him is another Chinese man and he points at his left side of the brain and I tell him, “Yes, there is something with the right side of my brain”-help me give me more information about what the problem is.”

So, he starts talking to a doctor next to him; but I say, “I do not understand your doctor language, please clarify!” Then he put acupuncture needles on his forehead. Suddenly Mehtab shows up-he put his hands on my head and my head filled with a white light again, so powerful and I am, thankful for all their support and healing from everyone in my lucid dream.

In the train I get a clear picture in my head of a calligraphy pen. I get out of the train and I see a helicopter 40 metres up in the air about to take off. I get up in the helicopter and I meet my friend Jonna, he is also aware that we are dreaming.

I get out of the helicopter, in a car with Alvin, Frida, and a little family. As I get out, I arrive at my fantastic modern white house. As I get in, I can see my husband by our enormous white modern kitchen, and he is so happy to see me. I run into my eldest son’s room. While he is sleeping, I am healing him as the rabbit and Mehtab did with me; he is strong and independent. I get into Alvin he is love now as Neo is whole. I hug them both. The rabbit and Mehtab healed me. I am love. And so it is.

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