Magnificently Beautiful

Joy S Rhodes

I dreamed I was being chased through a parking garage, as I ran past the car, through my side-vision I could see in the distance a lady sitting behind the steering wheel. She was dead.

I could hear footsteps getting close to me. Suddenly there appeared a Red Door. I ran through the door into a room that was crimson and cream. At that point I looked at the brightness and became aware that I was dreaming. The first thing I said was, ‘I'm in my dream.’

There were windows at the top of the ceiling. I was able to fly to the top of the windows where there were small golden bells. I flipped them over and saw Chinese writing and I was able to read in Chinese.

I noticed the door on the opposite side of the room. I flew to the door and when I opened it what I saw was so magnificently beautiful! It was in 3-D. There was a beautiful green tree standing tall, with beautiful multi-coloured birds floating around it. I reached my hand out to touch them, but they were so magnificent I couldn't face it.

I flew back down to the bottom of the floor. I heard the footsteps coming again. With my hand I drew a door in the wall and climbed through. As I jumped down, I entered my bedroom, and woke up.

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