Diagnosis and Healing Session

Ivan Luis Picoli

The healing started with a diagnosis healing dream where I found my hands with black hematoma growing over them. I knew I had an injury that caused the bleeding and I had the feeling that the dream wanted to show something related about my blood circulation. A doctor said I had to go through a painful surgery to fix it. I didn't want the procedure, so then the dream changed. I found myself in a room with my brother, he was talking to another being that I could not see. They were planning a healing session for me. My brother asked me to stay quiet in my bed, and I waited for the healing.

I heard a voice saying that creatures with wings would heal me. After some time several shining green butterflies entered the room carrying the branch of a tree with berries. The branch was floating in the room, while the butterflies flew in my direction. I allowed the butterflies to walk throughout my body. While my body was being filled up with butterflies, I could hear my brother and the other being reciting some mantras or sacred phrases. My body was tingling due to the butterflies.

I stayed there feeling the butterflies for a few minutes and received a bath of bright light coming from above. Suddenly, my body started vibrating strongly and I identified the same phenomena I felt in previous dreams, I called it the Chi Body phenomena.

After some strong vibrations, I detached from my body and was floating in the room. I had an OBE. At this point, I was already lucid and identified the room as the same place where my brother was currently sleeping (old grandma's house that today is his house). I floated and crossed the ceiling to the outside but decided to return to the room. I checked my body and saw myself and my brother on the bed. I touched both of our faces and signaled a positive sign to my brother about the healing. He replied with a smile. The lucid dream faded into a sequence of lucid visions.

I saw in front of me a book containing the diagnosis of my body. The first page was a summary, the second page had a drawing of a body and descriptions of anomalies and illnesses. The third page was a prescriptive list of herbs and plants. I read about dehydrated or drying chamomile. Another prescription of a plant appeared as a drawing of the plant and its components; it had several seeds like peas within a pod. The drawing had Greek letters on the description which I could not understand it. To finalize the lucid visions, I closed the book and read the author, Auspin as its title. I believe it must be the name of a healing institution. I woke up and wrote down the dream. Fortunately, I was able to remember a few of the prescriptions upon awakening and will look for the plants.

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