Enter the Spirit World

Lana Sackwild

I'm walking along a road, an underpass. I notice that there is a tall woman walking along next to me and as I look up at her she smirks. She has big black eyes and is wearing a dull yellow dress with an unusual flower print on it. She wears a lot of jewelry (rings, necklaces, earring) so looks very quirky but also very conscious. I ask for her name and she responds with "Lils" and I ask her if this is a dream to which she responds "yes" and I get lucid. I do two reality checks and confirm that it is indeed a dream. 

We are walking together at quite a fast pace so I ask where are we going. She says we are going into a spirit world. I don't know what to think of this but as we are approaching the edge of the underpass I can begin to see the sky - everything starts turning upside down. It starts to get very bright and I feel like I'm losing lucidity. I can't see anything other than white light so I shout, "I'm losing lucidity Lils!" 

I feel her holding me around my waist and she whispers, "Just pull back with your heart." I am not sure what this means but I have a sudden urge to reach my arms out as wide as I can and then with one smooth motion bring them in to touch my heart space on my chest. I do this and suddenly I can see the image of a city from a birds-eye view. I do it again and there's another city. I try again and see another. On the fourth try, I am suddenly zapped back onto the ground with Lils and we are in a new place. 

There are lots of skyscrapers and tall buildings but we are walking across a grassy pasture. My vision is crisp and clear and I'm really surprised! I look at her and say, "I'm back!" and Lils laughs and says, "Let's go then!" 

We start running over the grassy hills and for whatever reason I have a belief that we will enter the spirit world by going into the sky. I think we should fly and I say this and begin to levitate off the ground. She looks at me and tilts her head saying, "Is that how you think we are going to get there?" So I land and she then faces a metal trash can. It's a black one with a kind of mesh wiring around it. Lils blows at the trash can and flames come from her mouth and the entire thing sets on fire. She steps in. With a nod of the head, she signals for me to join her. I'm apprehensive as I can feel the heat of the flames from the meter or so away from where I am standing. I want to see the spirit world. I am about to step forward and my alarm goes. Not this time.

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