The Lucid-Me Requests Healing


I have managed to become lucid plenty of times ever since I first read an article on the topic in the early 2000s. I usually, however, get so excited immediately or shortly thereafter, that staying aware in my dreams for a prolonged amount of time is still quite the challenge. One of the things I have noticed, too, is once I become (lucidly) aware, it seems that not always the "awake me" is in charge of the itinerary or says or does things that are necessarily recognizable as the physical me. 

A case in point is a lucid dream I had several years ago after a rather stressful time at a job that had left me with stomach issues. Being stressed during your waking life already will not support lucidity. You're simply too exhausted when you go to bed and your dreams tend to be too hectic to catch up and take a moment to determine what exactly is going on.

At some point however, I did become lucid after being awake for a short time in the early morning. The lucid awareness happened in a dream where I was on a plane. A woman beside me was annoyingly leaning into my space even though she was rather petite in size. She had her feet up against the seat in front of her and insisted on seeking eye contact seemingly just to get under my skin even more. The moment I started questioning my reality was when from one moment to the next we had exchanged seats on the plane for what looked to be the arrival hall in a random airport.

"Wait a minute. How can this be?" It took a bit more convincing (and more often than not the dream convinces me that this is real and I should stop second guessing its oddities) but this time around I could not deny the strangeness of being on the plane and then being at the airport within a split second. I became lucidly aware.

Next to me was still that annoying woman from the plane. She was now seated in an ECV (Electrical Convenience Vehicle). The first thing the "lucid I" did was go over to her and thank her profusely for making me become aware. The next thing that the "aware me" did was totally out of character for me, too. I stated out loud to the dream space, "Jesus Christ, heal my stomach!" I felt an immediate odd jolt in the lower right quadrant of my stomach as if something was in the wrong place but was abruptly pushed back where it belonged. I had barely uttered the words and felt the jolt when I woke up.

Firstly I have to note that even though I went to both a Catholic and a Christian school growing up and had friends with very religious families, I am more adverse to religion in general and prefer to seek my path in a more individual spiritual manner. Hearing myself yelling “Jesus Christ” out loud definitely gave me pause upon waking.

Secondly, the movement I felt in my (dream?) abdomen did not completely heal me instantaneously. Even though my physical stomach did feel better when I woke up, I can in hindsight say that it was definitely the turning point. Things continued to improve thereafter.

Thirdly, I had read about healing during lucid dreaming before, for instance in Robert Waggoner's book. I was aware of descriptions of a ball of energy or light and placing it on that part of your dream body that needs help. If I had to translate that to what to anticipate in my own lucid dream, I figured I would recall and invoke something similar to that experience. It seems like the "lucid me" had its own ideas of what would work best for me.

Ever since that healing experience, I have set intentions to become aware again and heal other parts that may need it. Past issues with friends or family for instance, or physical ailments, or help healing others. Generally, however, lucidity catches me off guard and comes and goes so quickly, it seems I have stability to work on first before I can move forward with those items on my agenda.

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