Off World


At the time of this dream, I was practicing lucid dreaming regularly and was setting tasks to accomplish while lucid then journaling the following morning.

The dream began in my apartment. I walked outside to my back patio where I noticed details that were out of place, bringing me lucidity. I remembered my task for the night which was try to fly into space, so I began to levitate and shot as fast as I could straight into the sky. I felt the wind and temperatures drop as I reached outer space, gazing at the endless scene of stars and planets. I fixed my attention on a green planet and headed towards it. 

As I approached the planet its gravity began to effect my flight and control became more difficult. I managed to land at the base of a tall mountain. I saw a dark haired woman around my age flying effortlessly at the top of the mountain. I made it to the top of the mountain in a number of leaps due to my flight still being strained.

Facing the woman I asked her who she was. She smiled and told me she was feminine energy, that she came to this place to balance out my own energy while I was here.

I woke shortly after with many more questions on my mind, grateful for another amazing experience.

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