The Beanstalk / Totem Pole with Talking Creature Heads

Jessie Torrey

Towards the early morning end of my dreaming cycle, I was in a not very crowded mall-like setting. I suddenly felt an urge to look at my hands - like they were trying to get my attention - and saw that I had way more than 5 fingers on each hand. I said something like, "Holy crap! I'm dreaming..." 

I felt kind of excited but rushed, and not as lucid or clearheaded as I was in my last lucid dream. This mall-like setting had no ceiling. I over-eagerly started levitating into the air, but had a hard time staying afloat. I quickly sank back to ground level again. People were passing by, but no one was looking at me.

Then, I saw a structure that resembled a giant beanstalk (like Jack n' the Beanstalk). It was made of metal or the same material that McDonald's kid's play areas like ‘Hamburger Tree’ used to be made of in the '80s-'90s. It was painted green, like a beanstalk, and at the top of it, there were all these different heads. One looked like the Grinch, one was a camel, and there were a few snakeheads. They all looked mean.

I started quickly climbing the beanstalk, and when I got to the top I over-eagerly (I was annoyed by my eagerness in this dream!) asked the first head if he had a message for me. He grumpily said NO. Then I asked the next two heads and they both grumpily said NO.

Then I asked one of the snakeheads if he had a message for me. His voice sounded like a character from the movie Labyrinth... or maybe more like the caterpillar from the animated Alice & Wonderland, and he said in an annoyed voice, "EVERY day EVERYone puts EVERYthing into YOU..." He wasn't making eye contact with me and it sounded like lip service when he said it and I didn't believe him. So, I paused and repeated back to him... "EVERY DAY... EVERYone... puts EVERYthing into ME...?"

Then, in his kind of British, character-like voice he replied, "Yessssss, so don't FUCK IT UP..."

I felt when I was climbing down that what he said was not true. I was trying to figure out what it all meant if anything at all. I rushed around trying to do something else fun before I woke up, but I didn't feel like myself. I felt shallow and unfamiliar to myself. Not the same vibe as my last lucid dream.

I woke up very shortly after that, not at all excited or happy, but not scared or sad either. I hadn’t had much control over myself in this lucid dream either. I lacked focus and intention.

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