Breathing Underwater

Jill Lowy

It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies as I sailed on a small boat with friends. Sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean, the ocean was calm and placid. We were just enjoying the serene day when my friend wanted to go swimming. I thought it was a wonderful idea and we put our swimsuits on. He dived in first. Then I dove in.

As soon as I entered the cold water, I became aware that I was dreaming. I became very excited and I thought, "If this is a dream, I wonder if I can breathe underwater?" I opened my mouth to gently test this proposition and gingerly tried to breathe. And lo, and behold, I could breathe! It was like I could just take in air directly from the water. Also, the water no longer felt cold, but comfortably warm. I could swim through the water just by intent. Although, I was kind of moving my arms and feet, I could really just focus on a destination and I would kind of glide there.

Afterwards, I began to explore the underwater realm and became fascinated with the colorful plants and fish. Looking closely at the underwater flora, I forgot about my dream and lost lucidity, and later awoke.

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