Playing Guitar with John Lennon

Jo Harthan

This is not an account of lucid dreaming but may help those dreamers who find it hard to achieve lucidity and maybe think that 'normal' dreaming is not as useful. We learn so much in our dreams, whether lucid or not. Teachers in the dreamtime are invaluable and providing we become conscious of them, whether awake or asleep, they have so much to offer. This is one such account.

I had started a folk club in my village in 2010 even though I had never played guitar before - I was just desperate for a social life. Needless to say, my guitar playing left a lot to be desired but I stuck at it, practicing as often as I could.

Fast forward to May 2013. In a dream I found myself browsing an old fashioned bookshop. There was a guitar leaning up outside. To my astonishment, and total joy, I see John Lennon dash past outside; he's running after his son Shaun, who is only about two years old. Wow - I'm thinking he might let me play guitar with him later. How cool would that be?  I then go for a walk up a very steep road that reminds me of the path that goes up to Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England. Other people were struggling but I walked up easily and quickly.

Six months later, in the November, I was reading Robert Waggoner's book, 'Gateway to Lucid Dreaming' and had gone to sleep telling myself to become lucid if anything unusual happened in a dream. Imagine my joy when I very unexpectedly found myself playing guitar with John Lennon!! I was playing the basic rhythm for him and he was playing the melody. He congratulated me on the standard of my playing. I felt so very proud and privileged to be with him though sadly I did not become lucid.

However, the next day when I picked up my guitar, my strumming/picking hand seemed to have a mind of its own and was producing some more than half decent rhythms. At the next folk club meeting, I was more relaxed and confident than I’d ever been before. Amazingly, everyone commented on how my guitar playing had suddenly improved. Thank you John - my enduring hero and teacher.

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