The Elvish Expedition: Meeting God in Elvish Terms

James Sims

At the beginning of this dream, my younger sister and I embark on a quest for elves. Due to the supernatural theme of our intent, I’m lucid from the beginning of what will turn out to be an amazingly jovial dream.

My sister and I have silver and golden foods that seem to symbolize ambrosia. Tossing these holy meals onto the ground, we manage to invite our first elf to the feast. Once this occurs, the others, now knowing it’s safe to come out and play, partake in the spiritual feast. I try out one piece of this food, which has the taste and texture of kernel corn. As we feed our elvish friends, we all laugh and scream with childish joy.

As we happily run about the dreamscape, my sister states that elves are of a vibration very similar to that of God. Baffled, I ask the Consciousness beyond dream, “Is this true?” The answer comes in the form of an older woman who answers in the affirmative. I receive further confirmation upon seeing these benevolent beings’ golden Aura as it brightly glows!

Astonishingly, approximately three weeks prior to this lucid dream, I had been told by a psychic that benign fairies surrounded me.

Therefore, as a closing note, I wish to comfort anyone experiencing isolation at this time by informing you that you are divinely loved and guarded by an Angelic Team of Light.

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