Fluffy Clouds, Grocery Shelves, and Zombies!

Gillian Thetford

(MILD Technique after 2nd REM period.) The dream begins with sharp and clear lucidity, I am immediately filled with glee as I realize I am flying in the clouds! I do hand reality checks to stabilize the dream and then I continue to glide around in the fluffy clouds flying upside down and doing flips.

Amazed at how realistic the sensation is, I fly above a city and then appear inside a building on the top floor. I am rather startled at first as I am confronted with rows and rows of grocery shelves, not the typical desks and chairs one would expect to find in an office building. I run my hand along the shelves, closely examining the food labels. The texture and detail I observe sharpens my lucidity even more! I am amazed that what I am seeing is not real.

Walking over to a nearby window, I see the vast city at night and my reflection staring back at me. I say aloud “Johnny Depp!” with the intention of manifesting him and his reflection appears in front of me. I am pleasantly surprised, but he disappears the moment I glance away. The silence is abruptly broken behind me as I turn to see Neanderthals and zombies running around the place! They see me and begin to chase.

At first I am afraid, but then I remember that I can fly and they cannot and so I jump out the window and zoom away. It is the most exhilarating feeling. I land on top of a different building. It has a rather unusual landscape, full of sparkly black and purple junk and sand. There are some couches that I sit on as I pick up a picture laying in front of me. At first it is blank, but I keep flipping it over while intending to make something appear. On the third turn, it becomes a picture of a white alien. Suddenly a room appears around the couches and the alien manifests and comes to say hi to me. We begin to chat and then he turns into my cat. The dream fades at this point.

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