The Train Conductor and Minimum Wage

Jessie Torrey

Suddenly, in my dream I was sitting on a bench outdoors, somewhere I didn't recognize, but it was a pretty nature park-like setting. It was nighttime but not terribly dark. I could see everything around me. I looked down at my hands (they wanted me to notice them) and they looked ethereal and misty. I got excited and said, "I'm dreaming!" So of course, the first thing I did was fly!

My body started to rise up into the air and I began flying over trees. Then I saw a building that looked kind of like the Biltmore Estate and I started jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I jumped down into some kind of elevated courtyard. Suddenly, Ella and Mia (my young daughters) were standing with me and I knew my flying time had ended.

There was a train track going through the air over the courtyard and in and out of the buildings, kind of like a roller coaster track. A small train was coming down the track and I could see the people in it because there was no roof on it - kind of like a train ride at a theme park might be. I asked if they had a message for me. A man standing in the train who looked like he may have been the conductor said, "You will have to start with minimum wage for that," and he laughed and the people in the train chuckled too. Not in a mean way, they all seemed kind and friendly.  I didn't recognize any of them, but they seemed like they knew me or knew about me. I felt like they could sense my excitement which was comical to them, and I interpreted "minimum wage" as the conductor letting me know that I am a total rookie in my spiritual dream journey and I need to start at the bottom and work my way up.

I wanted to bring the girls with me to get on the train, but Mia didn't want to go, so we had to leave. We found some steps and started walking down to get back to ground level. Then something else was said,  that I can't remember, but I woke up saying, “January 8th.” That day has no significance that I know of yet. I woke up filled with joy!

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