Dean Clayton Edwards

A giant elephant rampages in the shadowy garden. 

It's not just an elephant, but a giant elephant. 

It bats trees out of the way like twigs, thunders in and out of the darkness, devastating the stillness. 

My friend suggests putting it on a lead.

"It'll be fine," he says, running alongside her with the rope.

Trembling inside the relative but not absolute safety of the stone house, I become #lucid. 

I float for a better perspective, but get


when I pass through the ceiling into the attic. 

Dusty material. Cardboard boxes. Corridors. 

Unknown people in casual clothes perform science experiments in converted classrooms.

A strange-looking woman mistakes me for someone else, hugs me, and tells me she'll be right back, but this is a dream; real as it seemed to her, as real as I seemed, her entire world is gone before she returns.

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