Lucid Tarot Reading


I'm in my house. There is someone at the door. I open it and see myself looking at me right in the eyes. At this point I know I’m dreaming and I count my fingers. My hand looks distorted and I become fully lucid.

I find myself in the first apartment I had 20 years ago. I am trying to float in the air but it feels like a skill that got rusty. I recount my fingers and feel my lucidity increase and am able to float effortlessly.

I think about my pre-set goals and remember that at the top of my list was to reveal the name of a product I'm working on. I ask the dream - but nothing happens. (I was surprised by my loud thunder like voice.)

I decide to try a different approach and to leave that place and to go back to my office were I can find my "Book of Answers" (a notebook that is on my desk where while I’m lucid - I can find the answers to all my questions). I've decided that my office will be behind a door I'm about to open, but it is not - and I become frustrated.

I am thinking, what else can I do and decide to give myself a Tarot reading (that was at the bottom of my list because in the past giving myself a reading would always wake me up). I go to the room that used to be my bedroom. I find the deck on a shelf, pick it up and notice the cards looked brand new! (I'm still using the same deck in the present.)

I shuffle them and the Ace of Swords jumps at me. I am surprised at the drawing because it is nothing like my actual deck. Here the sword is stuck in a rock like the Excalibur. I look at the back of the cards. I notice that in addition to my usual cards that have a blue back - there were a few more cards with a black back, as if two decks were mixed together.

I pull one more card from the unfamiliar deck. I can’t make out the drawing - but the word "STRIVE" is printed on the top. I wake up.

My conclusion is that despite my pre-set goals - my subconscious decided that the first priority for me to remember - is that a great success will follow a great effort!

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