New Dimensions

Kauri Jakobson

This is the most insane dream and first lucid dream I have had: I was spending time with my girlfriend, I believe somewhere in Australia. It was a dark day. Somehow we met a stranger whose face I can’t remember and he/she asked us to come somewhere at a certain time and to lay down, close our eyes and we will see whole new world.

At some point we were there. I remember laying on a bed - my feet on the ground and somebody came and stood on my knees with his/her knees and placed their hands on my hips and asked me to do as said before. As soon I did that, we got sent away to a whole new place. Stars were golden yellow, ocean was green. Totally different place. And that’s the point where I understood and become aware that I was in a double dream.

I tried to talk and explain what was happening to my girlfriend. I just remember looking around at other people, they too had just arrived there and everybody was amazed and happy. Again, I tried to explain and ask questions, but still I could not talk. It just was not possible. At that point I also become aware of my real body in bed.

We tripped around and discovered the new dimension but at some point I wanted out though I could not get out right away. It felt like it took two hours trying to figure out what was going on and then I tried to give some kind of sign to a mysterious person who was standing on me in a second dream. I kind of grabbed this person by the neck and had a kind of struggle in a second dream.

I fully felt all the sensations of touch in a second dream, walking around in a third new dimension and having a rough sleep in my bed. That’s when I fell out of the third place into a whole different place. Then I thought, ‘I’m awake now.’ But no, I still could not talk and then I fell really hard into my real body.

Woke up made and sure I was able to talk. Had a quick shower and tried to understand where I was and what was the experience trying to tell me.

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