Fractals and Strange Spaces


For a while when I had lucid dreams, although I wanted to explore the dream and interact with dream figures, I would ‘enter’ strange spaces filled with geometric figures or patterns.


One time I found myself in a beautiful space surrounded by huge, golden, three-dimensional fractals. I would just float among these figures absolutely happy to see such beautiful golden

‘plasma snowflakes.’ A couple of times I would find myself swimming in an ocean of ‘diamonds’ or silver-colored patterns.


Another time, after becoming lucid, I entered a vast, gray void. I felt I was flying since I could feel the cool ‘wind’ in my face. But nothing else happened, I would just fly, and fly at great speed

in this strange space. Nothing responded when I asked something, and nothing changed. A couple of times there was a type of shadow figure that would fly next to me. I would try to talk to

it or touch it, but there was no reaction. To this day I’m not sure how to interpret these dreams.

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