Looking for Dream Guides

Justin Phillips

Last night, I got lucid after this person was showing me their pet tiger. It was huge, and not very nice, but didn't attack anyone. I flew up and away, and as I reached the tree-tops, I spontaneously realized it was a dream. So I did what I've been wanting to do for a long time: find a dream guide. 

I tried the method of spawning a dream guide by looking behind me expecting one to be there. I was still up in the air flying, but when I looked behind, I only saw a woman walking to her car on the ground. I flew over and asked if she was my dream guide. She agreed, and I got into the car with her. It was a convertable, and we drove for a while with the wind in our hair. I asked a few questions, and was determined I would remember them... (darn it), but I just got the sense she was giving me generic answers and she wasn't too interested. I woke up. 

I went back in, determined to find another guide. I guess I went back in lucid. This time I decided that the dream guide would come up behind me and tap me on the shoulder, because the method of looking behind me wasn't working, and I was in a crowded city street.

Two men tapped me on my left shoulder, several seconds apart, wanting to be my guide. I awarded the job to the first one. Another man came up and wanted to know if I recognized him from another dream, but I don't. I then realized that he was really familiar looking, but couldn’t recall which dream it would be from, and it was possibly a false memory. He seemed surprised that I couldn't remember and said it had a hilarious storyline. He walked away and I asked my new dream guide for the details of that dream, but can't remember it now, except that it involved a handgun. 

I guess I woke up again, or lost my guide, or something. But then I was out on the street again, wanting another guide to tap my shoulder. This time it was an older man who was selling paintings on the side of the street. I went over to his little area. He seemed to have picked up 'dream guide' as a side job, and didn't know too much about what to do. I asked him to take me somewhere (this is one of my preselected requests: that the dream guide take me somewhere of their choosing). I think he did take me somewhere (can't remember) because I remember coming back to his art stand a couple times afterwards. Soon after, I awoke.

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