Kindness is the Most Important Thing

Claudia Lambright

As published in my book, Just a Dream Away: After-Death Communication Through Dreams, exactly a year after my husband Rusty’s death, he came to me in a very special dream. I dreamed I was at a business meeting. After getting checked in and moving into my hotel room, I went down to the lobby. There were lots of people there, but they all seemed to be engaged in conversation, so I stayed in the fringes. Suddenly, I looked slightly to the right and there was Rusty, standing very close to me and smiling. The shock of seeing my dead husband snapped me into full lucidity. Surprised and elated, I cried, “Rusty, you’re here!”

“Yes,” he said, “I felt you really needed me, so I came.” He asked me what was wrong, why was I pulling on him so hard. I told him I missed him and wanted to see him. He said, “Do you need help with the questions? If they ask you what’s the most important thing, tell them ‘kindness,’ because it’s not at all forthcoming.” I hoped I would be able to remember everything he was saying. Then our son was there with us and the three of us were standing close together, holding hands. My consciousness faded and I woke up, back in bed.

What’s most interesting to me about this dream is that Rusty said straight out he came because he sensed I needed him; I believe the vibrations of my deep grief traveled to him across the field of energy that connects everything in our world. And, I was stunned when he told me that kindness is the most important thing in life, not because it’s implausible but because he was sharing what I would consider a sacred principle; it appeared he was relearning the important things we forget when we incarnate and the “veil” is lowered.

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