The Tree of Life


I became lucid almost immediately upon falling asleep and remembered that the next time I got lucid I wanted to explore a past life. I called out loud, "Take me to a past life." All of a sudden, the current dreamscape disappeared and a large tree came up through the ground in front of me. It felt like the Tree of Life.

I said to take me to a past life of mine. The tree vanished and I was in a village lined with black and white medieval/Tudor architecture that are prevalent in England and around Europe. I asked the first person I saw what the date was. They looked at me funny and told me not to ask that around here because I sound like I'm deranged. No matter how much I asked, he wouldn't tell me.

I began walking down the street in this village. I asked the next couple I saw and they told me the date (don't remember) and then I asked what year. They said 1937. For confirmation, I asked some more town folk and they all said it was 1937. I could tell the village was divided and there were a lot of laws to follow or face execution. Everyone appeared to be living in fear and I could feel it.

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