Not-Quite-Lucid Lucid Dream

Atma Mu

I'm not sure if there is a spectrum for lucid dreaming but I feel I had a 'not quite lucid' lucid dream a few years ago. I had been out the night before drinking heavily and had ended up sleeping on a friend’s couch. Early the next morning he woke me and told me he'd give me a lift home. Once I got home I went straight to my couch and passed out. I suppose this was an impromptu WBTB experiment. 

Moments later I 'woke up' in my living room. It was the same time of day, same lighting. I was in the same clothes etc. But now there was a small gathering of people in my house quietly chatting with each other with drinks in their hands. I sat up and thought, “How did all these people get in? Did I bring them back with me?”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. There were a few people in there too and I thought to myself, “Is this a dream?” I decided to do the old pinch test and pinched my arm, it did nothing. I felt the pain and concluded I was not dreaming and woke up. The dream was so real that I was convinced it was real life.

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