Guglielmo Foffani

In previous lucid dreams, several times I arrived at the balcony of my childhood home, an apartment at the 5th floor, with the desire to jump and fly, but I never reached the courage to take the leap. Even after double-checking that I was actually dreaming, throwing myself off that balcony didn’t seem a very good idea.

Then, on December 2nd 2019, in my present home bed in Madrid, I have the following experience:
After a failed WILD attempt – the vibrations wake me up – I manage to stand up within a dream, fully conscious. I am in a room that is not mine. I move out into a dark hallway with beautiful colors in the background and, without having it planned beforehand, I ask aloud to ‘the awareness behind the dream’ “How can I work the limits?”

On the hallway wall I see some letters written in light, something like ‘galata’ in Greek, but they change and I cannot read them well. It seems that the dream is getting blurred, but I move fast and I recover it. While I keep asking the question, I reach the shuttered door of a balcony, I raise the shutter – the noise is identical to the one of my childhood home! – and I just jump off the balcony without any thinking. Enjoying the fall, I lose consciousness and wake up.

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