A Dream Character Warps My World

Lucy Gillis

I don't recall what triggered lucidity, but I know I'm dreaming. I'm in a huge room that resembles an almost empty warehouse. I begin to fly around the room. Below me I see a blonde dream character. He is going to help me with some flying technique, or a technique for something that involves flying. I know his name is Alan. We don't exchange any words, not even mentally or telepathically "in words". Communication is just an instantaneous knowing between us.

I swoop low toward him, and as I do so he makes a motion with his arms as though he is flipping something over in the air. As he does this, I flip over in a mid-air somersault, at about his eye-level. 

While somersaulting, I feel an acceleration, and get disoriented. Beyond Alan, I see the fabric of the dream, which is 3-dimensional, smear into a colourful 2- dimensional "surface". It is not just a visual distortion due to spinning over in the air, the walls of the room, and any furniture I can see all blend into one surface. Hard to explain. Alan, however, remains the same (3-D), and I assume I do too, as I don't feel any different in my body. 

We practice this over and over, each time I feel the same acceleration and orientation.

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