Brain Scrambling Simultaneous Dreams

Angela Nowlan

When I woke up, I realized that I had been dreaming two dreams simultaneously. My brain was scrambling to make sense of it and think of them as dreams that were intertwined or that one was more prominent than the other. That wasn't the case!

In one dream, I was in this beautiful old house, with many different small rooms and staircases. It was nightime and snowy, there were always deer in the yard whenever I looked outside. There was a man in my dream that I kept following, into these little alcoves and staircases in the home. I really wanted to be in a romantic relationship with him, even though I knew he wanted nothing to do with me. He would never look at me, even though he knew I was following him. He eventually went outside to look at the deer, and I followed. I felt content but a little sad in the dream.

In the other dream, I was an amazing ballerina. I was doing a performance in front of thousands of people. I had a male partner with me. We performed a beautiful dance, and the audience gave a standing ovation. I left the stage, put my boots on and was trying to leave really fast. I just wanted out of there. My partner told me I really should be pursuing this as a career because I was so talented. I told him I had no desire to do this for a living, I just didn't love it. I felt good about my decision.

It was pretty interesting to have two dreams simultaneously that were almost opposite. In one, I was chasing after something I could never have, and in the other, I was so good at something that I didn't want. I believe our dreams have many messages for us, and I'm still thinking about what this message could be.

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