An Object Induced Lucid Dream: Meeting My Inner Child

Katrina Martin

After a few weeks of intense anxiety, I decided to schedule a night to perform wakeups to help induce a lucid dream with the plan to connect with my inner child. After the first wake up at 3:30 am I happened to look over at my chest of drawers, where Blossom the pony (a childhood toy) had been sitting since my mum found her a month prior. Instinctually I nipped out of bed and collected her, and snuggled back under the duvet with her held in one hand.

Focusing on my breathing and the sensations of Blossom in my hand, I eventually transitioned through the hypnagogic and into a lucid dream. It took a while but after calling out several times and resorting to my childhood nickname (Treenie-trops!!) there she suddenly was, crying and alone and in desperate need of some love, reassurance and connection. I walked over to her - she was so tiny staring up at me and calling out for mum - hugged her tightly and told her I loved her.

I felt much more at peace in the following days and it definitely helped shift some blocked energy. 

I have since used this technique again, holding a rock of significance when I went to bed (without doing wakeups). In an unconscious dream I had I was holding onto a rock and it fell out of my hand over a cliff. The unfolding of events this resulted in me becoming lucid. When I woke up out of that dream into waking reality, I was no longer holding the rock, so I wonder if this translated within the dream.

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