Strangers on the Lake

Fiona Reynolds

I am sitting on the shores of the lake. It is early morning, pinks and blues of the rising sun colours the mist, which shrouds the water. 

The silence of the morning is suddenly broken by a soft noise of something falling from the sky into the lake. The splash is followed by more identical sounds further away. The mist refuses to give up its mystery.

I realise that this is a dream, although it feels so absolutely real. There are usually people about, but there is no-one here but me. I know that since it’s a dream I can get in a canoe, even though I don’t have one.

I fetch a beautiful wooden canoe and paddle out to find out what is falling onto the lake. As I weave in and out, I see perhaps thirty visitors. When they hit the water, they anchor and bob gently like buoys, on the surface of the lake. 

They are people, strange people, men and women. Their bodies are plump and grey, they all look downwards, as if they are sleeping.

These people are so pale, they all have white blond hair. I paddle up close to one of the visitors and look upwards into their face. Their eyes flicker slightly open, revealing startling blue eyes. A small smile appears, then disappears.

They are not of this world.

All is silent. All is still.

I ask, “Who are you? Where are you from?” 

They say, “It is not yet time to tell who we are and what we are doing. We have been instructed to remain silent. We are being put into place. Not integrating, but fully visible. In time you will understand why we are here.”

In the dream I understand that there is something immense taking place. I know that I am not ready to hear what is happening. There is a secret plan of action, too complicated for me to understand. I know that these people are kind and wise and preparing for something in the near future. 

I wake up with a pleasant but spooky kind of feeling!

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