Inner Child

James Linville

It wasn’t my goal to heal when going into this dream, but it was certainly a result. For the past few days, I had been setting the intention on meeting one of the archetypes of my personality with no success. 

The dream started with me in a playground and I soon noticed my son, who was 4 at the time, playing with another little boy who looked very familiar. Realizing the little boy he was playing with was myself at the same age I was quickly brought into a lucid state of mind.

I walked over to the boys and picked each up. Myself in my left arm and my son in my right. I hugged both very tightly as tears filled my eyes and I began to cry.

Waking up with tears in my eyes I realized the message of my dream was that I need not be so serious all the time and enjoy my son’s childhood. I needed to play and spend more time with him (I tend to be a workaholic). I started to do just that, and the result left me feeling a lot calmer and more at peace with myself. This is another one of my favorite lucid experiences!

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