Healing Elixer

Emily N

My lucid dream is short but very powerful. I become lucid in some sort of high-end health food store. It is not a regular health food store, but more of an energy/spiritual health food store. I look into some bins and find small vials and seem to intuitively know that this will heal me (in waking, I have a condition where there is chronic pain in my abdomen). I look at the price tag and it’s listed for over $100. I then open one vial and drink it. I instantly feel healing light in by body and experience joy in my dream body and joy in general, an ecstasy state of being. 

I awake and find I am still in the same state of ecstasy and bliss in body and mind. The pain in my abdomen is completely gone. This state lasts the entire full day. The pain did come back, but I am able to ‘tap’ back into the dream and body memory of drinking the healing elixir and can re-experience the healing again.

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