Karate Form Practice

David L. Kahn

I am in school and realize that I haven’t been doing much homework. I feel like I must be behind in math and possibly English too. There are two classrooms in front of me. J is there with some other kids. We are waiting for the door to open. I have a folder and can see that I have notes in about the work I need to do. I feel a little better knowing that I at least took notes.

As I get into the classroom the chairs look to be slightly out of place, but I know where I am supposed to sit and find my seat. J’s chair is in a row in front of me and slightly to the right. The bag I have now is one of the kids’ karate bags. I realize that I put my folder in their bag, which has all kinds of stuff in it. I can’t re-find the folder that I just put in there.

Initially this frustrates me, but then it causes me to become lucid and I know that I can stop looking for the folder. At this point I notice that I have some kind of helmet on my head, but I don’t want to waste my dream time struggling to remove it, knowing that I could have some kind of dream block that prevents me from doing so.

I go up to a student, who reminds me of the teenage boy that hung around with us at Diamond Nationals (karate tournament). I say to him, “I am dreaming.” He nodded his head yes. I ask if he is dreaming and he nods his head yes. Then I ask him to tell me something I need to know. He doesn’t have anything to say but he smiles. Another boy is nearby, and I do the same thing. He nods that he is dreaming too. That boy removes the helmet from my head. I feel better having it off.

I begin to float around the room. I feel as though I am waking up, but I keep going with my dream thoughts. I recall my intention to work on my karate form within a lucid dream and begin doing so. I am accurately doing the form, but I have some trouble because I feel like I am standing on a fluid surface, like a waterbed. It prevents me from having much balance under my feet to do the moves well. I take note of my difficulty with balance before going on with the dream.

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