Version 8.0

Benjamin Mackinnon

I am lying in bed. My body has gone to sleep but my mind is alert. I relax deeper like I'm on the peak of a wave and about to catch it.

At that moment the outside and inside worlds invert and an infinite space opens up inside of me. I rest in this space then, as if a sandman and all the objects surrounding him grows out from the sand pit but all interconnected. The experience solidify s and I am resting on my right side on a table.

I feel a heavy vibration at the back of my neck, like a drill boring into my spine. I hear the bone grind and noise of the drill but no pain. I understand I am in a dream as I experienced its birth without any loss of consciousness. I relax and let the experience happen understanding I am a dream and the drill is a dream. After a while I decide to investigate who is operating the drill.

I put my hand up to indicate to stop. The drilling ceases. I roll over. There is an android-looking being like something out of a daft punk video clip. I ask it who it is. It says, “I am version 8.0”.

From this I take it that it is an AI and think it may be a representation of my logical mind. We have an interesting talk about how it processes information and the differences between humans and it. It works on pure logic and does not understand the concept of love or emotions.

I stand up and walk closer and decide to help it understand love and decide to kiss it. Just as I do it becomes more female-like. We kiss and it can’t seem to comprehend what is happening. All of a sudden it’s like it understands and becomes more female-like and kisses back strongly.

I wonder if this being has made love. I decide to give it the experience of making love. We make love and it becomes more feminine and sexual.

In my waking life I had never really understood what was at the heart of making love until this dream. I had had sex many times but this dream exposed the underlying deep meaning of sexual intercourse. Unification of two things into one.

I wake with a smile on my face.

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