Awareness Behind the Dream

Cheryl Miranda

I am lucid and formless in a familiar vast dark void; absorbed in a timeless expanse of nothingness. I have no identity or personality. There is only perfect bliss. 

From out of the darkness, random thought forms spontaneously bubble up in to view. Somehow I know the thoughts are coming from a sleeping body I call "mine." Thoughts, one after another continue to arise and take form. I watch as the thought forms become concepts and those concepts become animated dreams. Dream scenarios play out like short novellas before me. They have multiple characters and detailed story lines. As each fragmented dream ends a new one begins in the form of a dream cloud. There is a pull on my attention toward the dreams, but I have no intention of responding to it. I am a little agitated by the incessant mental activity coming from my sleeping body. It is distracting me from my blissful state. 

I pull my attention back completely from the dream clouds and begin focusing and meditating on the bliss that I am immersed in; the formless bliss that I am. The thought forms vanish and I again meld into the peacefulness of the formless void.

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