Showing Someone Various Ways to Fly

Lucy Gillis

When I first think that I could be dreaming, I stretch out onto the air, almost like taking a shallow dive into water, and when I glide easily through the air, I'm satisfied that I am indeed dreaming.

At some point I seem to be showing someone different modes of flying: hovering, floating, gliding, etc. We seem to do this indoors in a cafeteria-like place in a campus or some kind of institution, for quite a while. There are a few others around. I also show her how to pass through solid objects. 

At some point there is a glass wall and either on the other side of it, or somehow embedded in it are silver pieces of metal (perhaps modern art - the structure doesn't seem to have a function). I purposely fly through it, only briefly entertaining the thought that I might not be able to do it. I pass through easily, not feeling anything. There is another structure, smaller, also seemingly embedded or behind a glass wall that I pass through with ease.

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