Gateway to the Pureland

James Sims

In my friend Calvin’s apartment, I ask if I can spend the night. He answers yes, but when I see a big man and other people I don’t recognize, I become confused.

This leads me to lucidity, after which I find myself in an underground cave with sandy dust. In this cave, I jump from ledge to ledge in order to find my way out of the labyrinth. From time to time, I try taking a left or right turn in hopes that it’ll free me from this maze. However, jump as I might, I find myself in the same predicament of recurring gaps to jump.

Finally, I reach a point at which the gaps have disappeared, and I gallop quadrupedal through the dusty cave. I still question whether or not I’m making any headway as I struggle through this purgatory-like environment. To make matters worse, I’m unable to look up and ahead as if I’m the hunchback of Notradam.

I eventually achieve liberation, however, reaching a gate to what appears to be the Pureland. On the gate is an image of a stick figure man raising his hands triumphantly under a blue sky. I joyfully open this gate, behind which I see a plaque that says “Saat Gaat Maat.” I get the feeling that this message refers to a God or Guide of sorts. I take this as a token of achievement and am immediately risen to ground level.

Here, I’m at Calvin’s once more, only now the strange people have vanished. I eat two chocolate donuts in celebration as I fly off a deck leading to the blackness. But now I know all is well.

Low and behold, as I had suspected, Saat Gaat Maat is indeed a reference of not only a goddess, but also historical words of other languages. Upon looking up the meaning of “Saat” after awakening, I learn that it’s the Turkish word for time or hour. “Gaat”, a word that means saga, a long story of heroic achievement, foretells that it’ll take me time to reach my spiritual destination. Finally, Maat or Ma’at, is indeed, the daughter of the sun god Ra. Furthermore, being the Goddess of truth and justice, she seems to have affirmed me on my path.

I’m very grateful for such a meaningful dream.

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