My Trip to Saturn

Jessica Whitfield

I used the wake back to bed method to become lucid for this dream. I woke up after a full night’s rest and got up for a few minutes. I went back to bed and dreamt I was inside a video game. The object of the game was that cavemen were trying to kill dinosaurs. I watched as a caveman tried to kill a T-Rex with a club. I became lucid almost immediately.

I thought it would be fun to ride on the back of a dinosaur. I looked around and saw a stegosaurus and didn’t want to ride on his back. Then I thought the best dinosaur to ride would be a pterodactyl. One appeared and I got on his back and we flew straight up. Clouds and blue skies went by very fast. Soon we were in outer space and there was darkness all around. I wondered where the planets were and then they appeared. I decided we should land on one.

I saw one with rings that must have been Saturn. We landed on the planet and there was a forest covered in snow. Snow was falling all around. I got off the pterodactyl and felt the snow with my hands. I saw a squirrel run by. I saw a rocklike bush and walked up to it. I asked it what his name was. It had a face like an Easter Island head. He said his name was Bill. I asked Bill why he was here. He said that he had to warn me that the police of this planet were after me. I asked him why and he said that they were mad that I hadn’t voted for them. I heard police sirens and I ran into the forest.

I saw a large square that was covered by heavy theatrical curtains. I pushed my way through the curtains until I found my way inside. There was a grand piano inside. I approached the piano and asked it to tell me a story. The piano started playing a song all by itself and it was a song that I was not familiar with.

I heard the sirens again, so I ran into the next room. Inside the room was an androgynous being sitting at a vanity wearing a hospital gown. The being was very tall and was pale skinned with long blonde hair. It didn’t speak, but it was friendly. I brushed the being’s hair and we held hands and became friends. I woke up shortly after meeting the androgynous creature.

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