The Trickster Under the Table

Harald De Bondt

The last few months, when I ask something to the dream, by shouting into nowhere, I can sense a form of neediness or search for validation. For example, not sure whether my thesis topic should be pursued, I ask the dream for a sign. “Please give a sign if I am on the right track for my handball thesis.” Nothing happens, “just a little bird or something.” Then I see something buzzing by, when I look a little closer I see a colorful little dragonite (from pokemon). ...After a while when I look up, I see a lot of little birds…

Even though, the dream responded to my plea, on numerous occasions I did not notice any response to questions in the style of “what to do with X? is X right?”. Sometimes it is a dream character not responding, other times it is the whole dream scene seemingly not interacting with my request. I have the feeling that direct questions are rarely interesting for the trickster energy of the dream. 

At one point, lucid, I have sweets in my hand. Happy with the idea to charm the dream, I walk towards a secretary at a desk, and giving her the sweets I ask, “Is there somebody looking for me?” She ponders and says, “Yes, Gary.” In joyful expectation I cry out, “Where is Gary?” 

When I turn around I see every single character in the office space looking at me blankly. A little later in the same lucid dream a man, who once gave me a workshop on “Heroes Journey,” stands at the bar. “Can I please ask you a question?” I say. He looks a little annoyed, “Let’s talk on Monday, now we’ll have a drink.”

A year ago in a clowning workshop, we played games in which participants could play roles and change them, twisting a narrative whenever they felt like it. Being part of that was very dreamlike. One very important principle to somehow engage all participants in the narrative of the play is to keep your interactions “generous,” not forcing anybody into a specific role. For me this resonates strongly with how dreams unfold, and the way I can interact with them receptively and engaged. When I do offer a creative and playful response or inquiry to the dream, the lucid dream experience is more profound and transformative.

...Walking down stairs in my grandparents home, a little scared. Down in the room, standing in the corner, is a little boy asking me, “Can I come towards you?” I feel a wave of fear but say, “Yes, just come.” He rams into me; it does not hurt, but shakes me.

Something shifted, the scene went dark and then visuals returned. In a room, there are three kids sitting at a little table playing tea time; one of them the same little boy. He falls over. I want to offer help but decide not to do it. I simply observe and see what is going on. Two kids disappear. Only a little girl is left, sitting right in front of me. She says, “The boy is having a dream.” I am not sure if I understood correctly so I ask, “Is the boy having a bad dream under the table?” I look under the table and I feel this strong energy. I ask, “Is it safe under the table?” The girl answers, “Under the table there is the bear, are you ready to face the fear?”

“Yes.” I feel two huge hands grabbing my ankles from under the table, ready to pull me under. Then she says, “When you are ready, Shar Sharuman.” I start analysing: Sharuman, the conjunction of Shaman and Saruman. Thoughts race through my head. Through these thoughts, I try to ground myself and say, “Sharuman.” The dream dissolves and I wake up buzzing.

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