There She Goes

Lucy Gillis

I woke from a dream in which a dark-haired doctor in a white lab coat directed me to a couch and had me lie down. He sat at the other end. He wanted me to relax/meditate, like he had told “Sheila.”  I was aware of wearing heavy winter boots but left them on. Apparently, I was arching my back, was too rigid, so he sat by me in such a way that my hips were behind his back to help me not arch. He also stretched an arm over my torso and right shoulder to help keep me in position. We talked, but I don’t recall the conversation.

As I thought about the dream when I woke, I slipped back to sleep. I was on a bed in what seemed like my childhood home, but the size of the bed and my position on it was identical to the here and now. I was laying on my back, awake on this bed, when I felt an inner body roll out quickly on the left, and head for the washroom. “There she goes,” I thought to myself, looking in the direction ‘she/I’ went, and sensing rather seeing her/me hurry out of the room.

I noted that, oddly, my awareness stayed in my ‘physical’ body while another body went out-of-body. I heard my mother call out from another room, “Is that you?” as she heard my other body stumble into the washroom.

I covered my face with my left hand when I heard what sounded like the other body stumbling about, possibly falling in the washroom. I winced, expecting to feel pain, but I didn’t feel anything. I wondered if my out-of-body body felt any pain. I assumed the other body was not well coordinated in its out-of-body state. In the next instant I woke.

That is the first time I can recall having an out of body experience in which my ‘primary’ awareness didn’t go with the travelling body. Yet, while the experience happened, it felt perfectly natural, like it was no big deal, as though this sort of thing happens all the time. Perhaps it does.

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