The Awareness Behind the Dream

Gustavo Vieira

I'm constantly talking to the "awareness behind the dream", mostly when I want to change something in the dream.

Sometimes, I just want to ask something. Usually, when I want to talk to the Awareness, I just shout out to the sky. Then, a voice answers. The voice is just like mine. It's like I'm talking to myself (I guess in a way, I am). But I still struggle with this, because most of the time, the voice is too low on volume. I have to constantly ask for the Awareness to repeat it or to talk louder.

Some of the answers doesn't make sense to me. Just gibberish. Or too complicated for me to understand. But sometimes I get curious answers. Like one time I had this short talk:

Me-"I want to ask you how eyes work. What happens when we see something?"

Awareness-"You are not seeing it. It looks like you're seeing it, but you don't."

Me-"It is all a lie?"


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