Falling From The Sky Into My Soul's Desire

Kathy Pfeiffer

I had spent the week leading up to this Friday night accomplishing things left and right, and had planned to continue in this direction by dying my hair and painting the woodwork in one of my bedrooms on Saturday. This night, however, turned out to be one of the nights where I could not sleep. I tossed and turned all night, feeling frustrated, tired, and desperate to get the sleep I needed to accomplish my goals of the day. I finally asked the spirit world for help when I couldn't find a reason why I wasn't able to sleep.

I dozed as morning approached, and then saw I was sitting on a ski lift with someone else. I saw the snow on the ground below, and I was holding on to the metal rod that connects the seat to the lift apparatus. As I held on to it, I became aware that I was lying in my bed trying to sleep, and stayed that way for the rest of the dream.

Suddenly something broke that was holding the seat to the lift, then another piece broke, and I fell to the ground below. When I got to the ground I wasn't hurt, the snow was gone, and I was in the woods. I walked a little, and then saw a charming old cottage in the woods. I could see inside it, and there was an old woman making something with her hands at a table. She was dressed mainly in black, and looked somewhat like a witch. The house was filled with knick-knacks, and looked cozy, rustic, natural and unpretentious.

When I saw her I was excited to my core. I wanted to join her at the table, and I knew she would welcome anyone who wanted to join her. I joined her at the table, started making something with my hands, and came out of the dream.

I got out of bed and knew immediately I wanted to change my plans for the day. Instead of fixing things up in my material world, I decided to spend the day at my dining room table putting together a 3D puzzle I had purchased. I turned an old movie on the TV, made some tea, creating a cozy environment. My husband joined me, and I was so happy I couldn't believe it. My dream had showed me what my soul wanted to do because I couldn't see it on my own. The desire to play, and just enjoy the day with those around me instead of accomplishing things was keeping me from sleeping.

I was filled with joy for the rest of the weekend, sharing my finished project with family members remotely, which brought them joy as well.

My hair has not been dyed, the woodwork has not been painted, but I have come up with other craft projects to do at my dining room table. And wouldn't you know it, I have slept like a baby ever since I changed my plans for that day, and the priorities in my life. I believe pleasing my soul is what truly keeps me happy and healthy. It speaks quietly through my dreams so it can be heard over the larger self that orders me around in the physical world. Thank goodness it was a lucid dream so I could remember it, experience it profoundly, and let it change my world.

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