Into the Past

David Clapper

I'm unsure whether the following dream qualifies as lucid. Throughout the dream, I act as if I know that I'm dreaming, but there is never a moment in which I say to myself "This is a dream." I'm submitting it anyway, because it feels like I was in some kind of parallel reality. 

I’m outside, walking along a road with my duvet under my arm. The road is very familiar. I see a gap in the row of houses, surmounted by an archway. Looking through the gap, I see greenery, like there’s an inner courtyard. Walking past it, I suddenly realise that this is the street that I live in and that the inner courtyard is where our house usually stands. The realisation astounds me. 

The style of everything I see seems to suggest the 1930s or 1940s so I suspect that I must have travelled into the past. This is so interesting! I walk out onto the main road and decide to look for evidence to confirm my suspicion, such as a date or something. I start looking at the street signs and the signs on the shops but the air is so hazy that I can’t see the details.

A woman approaches me. She seems to recognise me and greets me. I have no idea who she is but I return her greeting. I see an ambulance drive past and turn right from the main road into our road. It is sky blue in colour and doesn’t look like the ambulances that I’m used to: it has a tailgate with panels sticking out from the top of the tailgate at about 30° that look wings.

Then I see a petrol station and decide to go see how much petrol costs figuring I’ll be able to Google the time period in which petrol cost had that price in Holland. However, again, the air is so hazy that it’s impossible to see the petrol price. I give up, still wondering what time period this is. Then, for some reason I decide I’ve had enough, and I wake up.

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