Passing the Test

Lucid Dreamscape

I am in a meditation class at a sacred temple in the mountains, so high we are surrounded by clouds. We are shape shifting into animals as our lesson. We turn into lions, birds and even butterflies. It’s my turn again and as I am about to shift, another student whispers that he wants Chinese takeout. In that split second my teacher shouts, “Nooo!” and I turn into a Chinese takeout box. I am an inanimate object. 

Darkness surrounds me, there are no visuals, only audio of all the classmates whispering. They are talking about the previous students who never changed back after becoming inanimate. What are we going to do? In that moment lucidity washes over me. I can do this! I focus on getting back to myself in the class. In a flash, I am back. My classmates roar and cheer and my master looks on and gives me a reassuring nod. I have I passed my test.

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