Clear Eyes!

Benjamin Eckenwiler

I found myself lucidly aware in a small, dimly lit restaurant. I asked the host where I could find the owner (I intuitively knew that the 'restaurant owner' would be a guide or teacher of some sort). The host told me he was upstairs, so I went. As I walked up the stairs I looked out a window to see some people enjoying an event of some sort. It all looked quite gray, and I mentally acknowledged the depression I have been trying to get out of in my waking life.  

At the top of all the stairs was a door - but the stairs by the door were cut off from the rest, and about 10 feet in the air! I saw this as a simple test of lucidity and was a little surprised at how easy it was to fly up to the door. 

I opened the door to find a large room full of tables, benches, and books. An Asian man, about 60 years old, was working on a computer from the 80’s. I felt rude for intruding, but asked him, "Do you have any life advice?" He asked, "How old? Teenager?" and I responded, "No, 29." He nodded and left. While alone I noted how accepting this guy seemed, in contrast to how nervous I felt approaching him.

Shortly after, he came back. He said, "Clear eyes!" and splashed my face with a liquid from a small plastic bottle. As I wiped my eyes, I noticed that the world seemed much more colorful! What really caught my attention though, was the fact that this was the second time a very aware dream figure had said and done this exact same thing to me in a dream! The first time this had happened I did not understand what it meant. This time, I felt like I now understood. As I looked at the bottle of eye drops, I finally "understood" that this is the thing that will cure my depression! Eye drops! It seemed like such a clear sign to me, that I woke myself up to write it all down.

As I awoke, my dream logic no longer made sense. I felt both silly and amazed. I now believe that "clear eyes" refers to the lens through which one views life.

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