Leave The Past Behind


(I don’t remember in full detail what happened before I became lucidly aware, but I do remember I was back in the city where my parents and grandparents grew up.) I am in the places I had been in when I was younger and everyone in my family is there too. I have access to a car and drive around (still not aware). For some reason I make a wild turn and start driving the other way.

By now I’m all of a sudden in a bathtub somewhere, now I become (lucidly) AWARE. I don’t get overly excited because usually the dream collapses when I do. Instead I tell myself to focus and breathe. To take my time. To focus on my intention that I’ve been waiting to do for a while now. To ask questions.

I look over to my left and see a woman. She looks quite different; green in color with orangey red hair. I tell myself, “Ok, this is it.” As I start to talk, I find it extremely hard to get words out, almost as if I’m not supposed to be doing this. This has happened to me before in dreams, but this time I pushed through and kept focusing on my intention.

I ask her, “What is the meaning of this dream?” She replies, “To leave the past behind, let go of it, it’s done now.” Then I start getting really emotional in the dream. I am just filled with joy and feel so thankful that she answered me. Then I woke up, still amazed.

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